Vacature Assessor Security Big Data and Analytics - High Tech/Brainport - Eindhoven


  • Trinamics
  • HBO of hoger
  • Medior/Senior niveau
  • Vast contract / Detachering
  • 40 uur p/w
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Beschrijving vacature Intro
Would you like to join a company who is active in the high-tech industry and work on high-end software in the Brainport region of Eindhoven? For our client I am looking for a Software Lead Specialist Network & Security – HighTech/Brainport

About our client
Our client creates the conditions that enable you to realize your full potential. They provide state-of-the-art facilities, opportunities to develop your talents, international career opportunities, a stimulating and inspiring environment, and most of all, the commitment of a company that recognizes and rewards outstanding performance.


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Gestelde eisen Job description
In the position as Assessor Security Big Data and Analytics the projects objectives are defined as follows:
  • Design & Define new processes for creation/ maintenance and communication of Procedures. The new processes require version managed change control and clear ownership within business, re-use of content
  • Publication/ communication of content towards end users for their intended use in CS, PE, Customers.
  • Selection of IT tooling solution and the Delivery of the environments (Dev/test/Qa/Prod) to the business users
  • Migration of legacy data towards the newly selected IT tooling
  • Deployment of the new processes for Procedures into the respective organizations (Sectors & Sites)
You will be responsible for the end-to-end security design, authorization process,  information classification, CMS implementation and publication. Reduction of the attack-surface. Need-to-know based access and distribution.

The Assessor Security Big Data and Analytics shall fulfill the following tasks:
  • Be the focal point between the developers and the Business.
  • It is not a technical role, but a process / analyst type of role. Programming and setting the configuration settings of the tool are done by other teams.
  • Identify the user stories, should get to know how information is being consumed.
  • Drive the discussion with Business. Get the application parameters / policies / rules / use cases from the Business. He/she should  discuss the security risks and take them into account. Should follow industry best practices.
  • It concerns application (SDL and Congility) specific policies / configuration settings.
  • Be part of the Agile Team, so he/she would take on the security related activities, but also if necessary would take on non-security activities.

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Bedrijfsomschrijving Trinamics is een succesvol bureau dat gespecialiseerd is in arbeidsvraagstukken en projectondersteuning voor MBO-, HBO-, WO- en PhD technici in de vakgebieden Werktuigbouwkunde, Elektrotechniek, Chemie en ICT.

Dankzij onze kennis van de arbeidsmarkt kunnen wij de juiste baan voor je vinden waar jouw talent tot zijn recht komt. Onze opdrachtgevers zijn klein tot zeer grote ondernemingen op nationaal- en internationaal niveau.

Vanuit Breda, Eindhoven en Rotterdam onderhouden wij contacten met opdrachtgevers en technisch specialisten in Noord-Brabant, Zeeland en Zuid-Holland.

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Salarisinformatie Salaris in overleg
Extra informatie Interested?
Do you feel you are the most suitable person for this position or do you have any further questions? Send your CV to [email protected] or call 040-4015200 and ask for Mark Simons.

We are here to guide engineers in the maze of vacancies to obtain a position to be proud of. Proud because it is at a leading company, because the new position increases own influence or because it’s the best fitting position in terms of content. Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software are the technical pillars of Trinamics, but their application is diverse. Because we know our clients and candidates well, we quickly see where someone would fit best. Once we find a position we remain involved in the process. We do this by, among other things, offering training and development programs. We offer extra guidance and our social network to talents who leave their homes in another country to realize their ambitions here. In our eyes, it is the only logical way to keep developing our technical talents.

Every technical company wants to move forward as quickly as possible, to be leading. For that you need the best technical people. However, in the current market, talent is scarce and not always easy to find. Progress is also what drives Trinamics. With every good performance, we set a new bar to surpass. And we do that time and time again.

Relocation support (where applicable):
Seeing as Trinamics feels it is important you can fully focus on working in a new organization in a new role, next to adjusting to a new life in a new country and culture, we’re here to help you in a smooth relocation. We are experienced in assisting you on the visa application process, travel, short and long stay, 30% ruling (tax exemption) application, health insurance, setting up a bank account, Dutch language courses and (in case it’s needed) finding proper schooling for your child(ren).

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